Senior Manager of Project & Product controlling 項目及產品控制高級經理
職位編號 J025299
行業 汽車/摩托車(制造/維護/配件/銷售/服務)
類型 財務經理
所在地 福州市 
-Feasibility studies & Report:prepare FS for project and product change & scenario change; 可研及報告:準備項目、對產品變更及假設變更提供可研; -Company long-term period profit planning and analysis; 公司長期損益計劃比較分析; -Product cost controlling and various analyses 產品成本控制及差異分析; -Line function investment, Project & Product cost related budget controlling(budget planning, release, application approval); 日常投資、項目及產品成本相關預算,管控(預算編制,下達,申請批準); -Claim control:check claim standard cost ,calculated and trace the claim; 索賠控制:制定索賠標準,計算追蹤索賠費用; -After-sales controlling: check & maintain spare parts cost; Tracking warranty cost; 售后控制:售后零件成本確認及維護; 追蹤保修成本; -Others: Data required by shareholders and management; 其它: 股東及管理層要求的資料;
本科或以上 會計、金融、投資、財務等相關專業 取得中級及以上會計師職稱 -Minimum 6 years working experience in respective job; 六年以上該崗位相似工作經驗; -Knowledge in project management, budgeting, and business operation; 具項目管理、預算及企業營運之知識; -Good computer’s skills (Windows, Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Experience in SAP); 良好的計算機技能(Windows, Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 具SAP經驗); -Good team management experience ,intercultural competence and leadership skills; 良好的小組管理、跨文化能力及領導技能; -Good communication and negotiation skill, open minded and flexibility; 良好的溝通技巧, 心胸開闊及彈性; -Rich sense of responsibility, clear logical analysis ability; 富有責任心,清晰的邏輯分析能力;